In Ayurveda Scholars we focus on 3 Pillars:

Improve health & heal your BODY

Restore peace & calm to your MIND

Discover & connect to your SOUL
Through a combination of live calls (always available via replay), monthly classes with tools for application, and access to Heather, this program is designed to be your "gym membership" for body, mind, and soul. Let's solve for the current imbalances, questions, and problems you have and then make realizing your goals inevitable. I'll be your guide. You'll be your divine healer. 
  • Access to content from month of enrollment forward
  • New classes and theme each month
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • ​General Q/A Calls
  • ​Online Access to Heather
  • ​Nutrition and Dosha Specific Coaching Calls
  • ​Live Yoga Practice Monthly
  • ​Ayurvedic Cooking Tutorials and More