Ep #80: Healing with Herbs-Ayurveda Herbology 101

The art of herbology is a key part of living Ayurveda. Knowing what herbs do, how they interact with your dosha and the proper way to take them is part of becoming your own divine healer. 

What you will discover:
-How to know if an herb is right for your dosha
-Herbs to use for common conditions
-Ways to prepare herbal remedies
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Ep #79: Healing Grief with Ayurveda

Grief is an emotion that all of will face at some point in our lives. This feeling of loss, sadness, mourning and pain can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. Ayurveda has specific tools to help in healing from grief, moving through the emotions and learning to live fully again. 

What you will discover:
-The doshic cause of grief
-Specific Ayurvedic tools to work through grief
-Self-Care techniques to ease pain and allow emotion
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Ep #78: Understanding the Bodies 3 Waste Products

The three main waste products of the body- the Ahara Malas- are Feces, Urine and Sweat.

What you will discover:
-Why the three malas are important for health
-Simple Urine Analysis test you can do at home
-How to know which dosha is increased based on symptoms
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Ep #77: The Stages of Digestion

Your body moves through three distinct stages of digestion, and the doshas are major forces in those stages. Each stage has symptoms that may arise-things like bloating, acid indigestion, gas, diarrhea or heaviness. So how do we make sense of these stages and how to interpret what the symptoms mean? 

What you will discover:
-How Accumulation, Aggravation and Alleviation effect digestion
-Which dosha governs each stage of digestion and why
-How to interpret your digestive symptoms to heal
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Ep #76: Healing the Mind with the Nadis

The mind is a subtle template of the brain. And the nadis are the subtle template of the nervous system. The nadis carry pranic energy to the body and influence our mental health, emotions, and feelings. 

What you will discover:
-How the 3 main nadis work in your subtle body
-How to balance the flow of energy in these nadis
-The elements of each nadi and how they relate to the doshas
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Ep #75: The 5 Subdoshas of Vata

Vata governs movement, absorption, circulation, expression and elimination. But exactly how does it do these actions? Through the 5 subdoshas of Vata: Prana, Samana, Vyana, Udana, Apana. 

What you will discover:
-Specific actions in the body and mind for each subdosha
-The symptoms of vata subdosha imbalance
-How to heal each of these subdoshas
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Ep #74: The Ayurvedic Code to Eating

 Navigating nutrition and diet can be challenging. To make it simple I created the Ayurvedic Code for eating.  I invite you to listen and adapt this code to fit your life and needs so you can live with greater health and wellness without rigid food rules. 

What you will discover:
-The impact time of day has on our food choices
-Why it is important to follow the seasons with diet
-5 Code's I live by to guide my food choices
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Ep #73: The 5 Elemental Building Blocks of Nature

 Nature, and each of you, are made up of the 5 elements (Pancha maha bhutus)- Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. But how do these elements impact our health? And what are signs of excess or deficiency in each element?

What you will discover:
-How to elements combine to form the doshas
-The characteristics of each element in your body
-Senses connected to each element
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Ep #72: Attachment and Living in the Present

We often are told to 'let go', to release attachments, to live in this moment. But how do we actually do this? 

What you will discover:
-Attachment and the doshas
-Object Referral vs Self-Referral
-Meditation and other tools to release stored emotions
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Ep #71: Nature Deficit Disorder

Our bodies and minds are designed to be connected to nature. Unfortunately this modern world does not make this easy as we spend too much time on technology and not enough time walking barefoot on the grass.

What you will discover:
-What is Nature Deficit Disorder
-6 problems caused by the disorder
-Solutions for each problem to bring you back into connection with the natural world
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Ep #70: Clearing Emotional and Physical Ama

Over time our bodies and minds accumulate and store Ama or undigested toxins and matter. This can happen through physical and emotional causes, trauma, food and lifestyle.

What you will discover:
-The cause of Ama
-How Ama impacts your health every day
-Strategies to clear Ama and live in full consciousness
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Ep #69: Mental Health and the Gunas

The 3 Gunas (or qualities)- Sattva, Rajas, Tamas play an important role in personality and mental health. By understanding how the doshas interact with the gunas you will better understand what energy is involved when you feel anxious, angry or depressed. You will also learn how to move up the Ladder of Enlightenment from Tamas to Rajas and finally Sattva-pure clarity and peace. 

What you will discover:
-The three Gunas
-How each dosha interacts with the Gunas
-How to climb the Ladder of Enlightenment
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Ep #68: Constipation

We've all experienced it, the struggle to eliminate. But how can you overcome this battle and create daily, regular, easy bowel movements? Does constipation vary by dosha? And why does it even matter? And could constipation be creating a negative mind set? In this episode we cover all of these topics as well as look at remedies and treatments for all 3 types of constipation. You will come away with specific things you can do today to help ease elimination.

What you will discover:
-The three types of constipation
-Herbal and lifestyle remedies to heal constipation
- The connection between constipation and the mind
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Ep #67: Coffee and Ayurveda

Is coffee Ayurveda approved? Well, it depends. Like so many Ayurvedic questions, whether or not you should drink coffee are based on many factors including your dosha, imbalances, season, time of day and even how recently you ate. 

What you will discover:
-A simplified way to look at coffee and adjust your drinking habits to match your dosha for more balance.
-Coffee alternatives and substitutes by dosha
- One month strategy to cut back and eliminate coffee from your life.
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Ep #66: Breath is Life

The gift of breath brings us life, energy, vitality, connection and health. At this time when so many of us are wearing masks and so aware of our breath, adopting a healthy breathe practice is so important. 

What you will discover
-Pathology of breath and the doshas
-Common breath disorders and remedies
-Breath practices to balance each dosha
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Ep #65: 7 Benefits of Eating Kitchari

Kitchari or Kichadi, is one of the classic Ayurveda dishes. Eaten for comfort, cleansing, nourishment and just because it tastes good, adding this staple to your diet will go a long way to healing your body. In this episode I share the many benefits of Kitchari and tips on how to prepare it for each dosha and imbalances. 

What you will discover
-Benefits of Kitchari
-How to prepare Kitchari to balance each dosha
-Spices to add and tips to prepare the perfect dish
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Ep #64: How Disease Unfolds in Body and Mind

In Ayurveda we know that health begins with digestion. But disease also begins within the digestive tract. 
6 Stages of disease map out the development of illness from Accumulation, Aggravation, Overflow, Relocation, Manifestation and Diversification.

What you will discover
-Learn the 6 Stages of Disease
-Identify specific symptoms for each dosha in each stage
-Learn how to stop disease progression today
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Ep #63: Transition into Pitta Season

The fire and water are rising. Are you ready? As we begin to transition into summer with the celebration of Summer Solstice, this is perfect time to begin to shift our rhythms to match the season of heat. 

What you will discover
-Signs of excess Pitta heat
-Food to balance the heat and intensity
-Exercise and breath work to add into your routines
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Ep #62: Gas and Digestion

Gas. Something we often try to hide, and a true disturbance to our life. In Ayurveda we learn that gas isn't just an annoyance, it is a major sign of a health disorder in the making and something to take seriously.

What you will discover
-3 types of gas and indigestion based on dosha.
-Causes and symptoms of each type of gas
-Steps to take today to heal your digestion
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Ep #61: How to Know if you are Balanced

In Ayurveda we focus on imbalances so much that we may forget what we are striving for-balance. In this episode we discuss what it looks and feels like to be balanced. 

What you will discover:
-What it means to be balanced in your doshas
-How each dosha manifests balance
-The 7 Health Indicators to determine your balance
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Ep #60: Oil Therapy in Ayurveda 

The use of oil for healing and therapeutic treatments in Ayurveda can often seem mysterious and complicated.
In this episode we look at internal and external oil usage, various ways to apply oil, the best oils for each dosha and how to know when you need more or less.

What you will discover:
-The best oils for each dosha
-Simple home treatments using oil and ghee
-The impact oil treatments have on doshic balance
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Ep #59: Balancing the 5 Pitta Subdoshas 

Pitta governs summer and in the northern hemisphere it is coming soon so let's start getting ready to govern our own internal heat by learning more about the 5 Pitta Subdoshas. These 5 subdoshas govern every aspect of metabolism and digestion, allowing us to use what we need and let go of toxins and waste.

What you will discover:
-Where the subdoshas are found in your body
-The important functions of each subdoshas
-Simple ways to heal and balance these subdoshas
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Ep #58: Qualities to Balance Your Dosha

In Ayurveda we study 10 pairs of opposing qualities or Gunas. Understanding how the elements and doshas relate to these 20 qualities gives you access to healing yourself. In this episode we explore these Gunas and relate them to your dosha so you can see them in action.

What you will discover:
-The 10 Opposing Pairs of Qualities
-How the elements reflect the qualities
-How to use the qualities to balance your dosha
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Ep #57: Ayurveda and Fertility with Heather Grzych

Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle can greatly improve your fertility and health, and Ayurveda provides a natural support to getting pregnant. In this episode I visit with Heather Grzych, www.heathergrzych.com, author of The Ayurvedic Guide To Fertility to learn the Ayurvedic viewpoint on conception. 

What you will discover:
-The Four Fertility Factors according to Ayurveda
-How to know the best season for conception 
-Why women today are struggling with fertility
-Healing rituals to strengthen fertility
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Ep #56: Overcoming Anxiety Ayurvedically

Anxiety is an emotion many of us experience often. There are clear steps we can take to soothe Vata and decrease anxiety.  

What you will discover:

-4 choices you have once you feel an emotion
-Daily Tools to manage anxiety
-Herbs and Lifestyle habits to decrease anxiety
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Ep #55: Q&A: Sleep, Fasting, Triphala, Water and More

This episode covers everything from napping, fasting by dosha, Triphala, what your bowel movements should look like and how to drink your water for balance. 

What you will discover:

-When it is ok to take a nap
-How to fast for your dosha
-The benefits of Triphala
-And so much more...
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Ep #54: Namaste and Compassion

Namaste is used so often, but do you truly understand how connected this concept is to your peace and connection to yourself and others? And how does compassion fit in?

What you will discover:

-The primordial cause of disease
-How to fully experience and share compassion
-Using the yoga sutras to live Namaste
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Ep #53: What's for Dinner? Eat Light and Early

Pivot habits change the entire trajectory of your health. Eating dinner lighter and earlier is a key Pivot Habit that impacts your sleep, digestion, energy, breath, aging process and even your mental health. 

What you will discover:

-How to structure your day for earlier dinner
-How we have socially shifted to late night eating
-Impact of dinner on Agni and Ama
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Ep #52: The Three Pillars: Diet, Sleep, Sexual Energy

By balancing and regulating these three vital foundational pillars true joy and strength is possible. 

What you will discover:

-The benefits of a SOUL diet
-Sleep patterns to bring your health to new levels
-The proper use of sexual activity for ultimate vitality
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Ep #51: Meditation and Mindfulness

Life becomes a richer, deeper, more beautiful experience when we become mindful and present to each moment. 

Trials are lighter, struggles lose their intensity and our joy can start to rise up when we practice awareness and acceptance. 

What you will discover:

-Difference between Meditation and Mindfulness
-5 Key aspects to cultivating mindfulness
-How living mindfully will impact every aspect of your life
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Ep #50: Managing the Storm: Part 5 Resiliency and Ojas

Resiliency is the ability to face the trials and challenges of life, bend, grown and come through even stronger. Ojas is the subtle form of Kapha and our source of internal resiliency, strength, and contentment. Right now is the time to build Ojas, to create the deep reserves we need to face the challenges of life. 

What you will discover:

-How to be resilient in your emotions and thoughts
-What it takes to build healthy Ojas
-How Agni and Ojas work together for your health
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Ep #49: Managing the Storm: Part 4 Gratitude and Santosha

Santosha-the cultivation of contentment and gratitude ultimately leads us to love and happiness. While we may not be able to change the circumstances of our life, we can choose the lens through which we view reality.

What you will discover:

-How to use gratitude on the journey to happiness
-Choose your thoughts to choose your emotion
-Experience being in the presence of love
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Ep #48: Managing the Storm: Part 3 Anxiety

Anxiety is at an all time high right now, and we are facing so much change and uncertainty. But one area we can become grounded and certain is within our own minds, hearts and bodies. 

What you will discover:

-How Vata based anxiety/depression manifests
-How our natural intelligence is always balanced
-Simple and effective ways to restore balance now
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Ep #47: Managing the Storm: Part 2 Stress

Stress plays a major role in our ability to find balance and peace. As we settle into this new norm to life, it is more important than ever to keep our doshic balance and practice good mental hygiene. 

What you will discover:

-The four main subdoshas that impact our mental health
-How stress creates imbalance 
-Specific things you can do to improve your mental health and outlook at this difficult time
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Ep #46: Managing the Storm: Part 1

During this time of global crisis and change, coming back to the foundations of who we are, and who we will become through this storm is crucial.

What you will discover:

-How stress and chaos impact doshic balance
-Why our thoughts are so important
-Specific things you can do to start to feel balanced
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Ep #45: Strengthen Ojas & Immunity Against Viruses

As we face a global concern for the growing Coronavirus, we can take action and work to bolster our Ojas. Ojas is the immunity and vitality in our bodies and a vital part of health. In this podcast we discuss Ayurvedic protocols to raise our immunity to ward off illness and viruses including herbs and practices that can keep us healthy.

What you will discover:

-Ayurveda protocols to increase immunity
-Herbs to take when well to strengthen Ojas
-Herbs to support recovery if you catch a virus
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Ep #44: Food Combining for a Happy Gut

What foods we eat together can have a dramatic impact on how our body digests the foods and how we feel after eating. But let’s not overcomplicate things. Start with one habit to shift and work from there. 

What you will discover:

-8 Factors that Affect Food Quality
-The importance of creating a Sadhana (sacred) meal
-Samyoga (food combining) made simple
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Ep #43: Healing the 5 Kapha Subdoshas

In this episode we become specialized in healing kapha dosha, and just in time for the spring season congestion, allergies, lethargy and extra weight.

5 subdoshas of Kapha:

Kledaka, Avalambaka, Bodhaka, Sleshaka, Tarpaka

What you will discover:

-Qualities and locations of the 5 subdoshas
-Symptoms of imbalance in each subdosha
-Remedies to bring the subdoshas back into balance
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Ep #42: Lighten Up for Kapha Season (Spring)

The transition from winter to spring can be tricky for our bodies and emotions. It is important to change our diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep and routines to match the new season to keep us healthy and release any built up mucous and toxins from winter season.

What you will discover:

-Recommendations to move easily into spring
-How to avoid Kapha related imbalances
-Foods and routines for spring
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Ep #41: The Model for Change-Power of Thoughts

When we take responsibility for our experiences, we are empowered and 'able to respond' to the circumstances in our lives rather than play a victim. And it all starts at the subtle level of thought. 

What you will discover:

-Vedanta philosophy teaches how to use our thoughts
-Tools to effectively choose your thoughts and emotions
-The power you have to change your life
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Ep #40: Listen to the Soul, not the Ego. Prajnaparadha. 

Prajnaparadha: Doing what we know we should not is a core cause of disease and suffering. Our intellect wants to do what is best for us, but is given conflicting information from our senses/ego and the soul.

It can be difficult to hear the voice of the soul, but when we can overcome the ego's loud shouts and hear the whisper of soul wisdom, we will find our way to balance.

What you will discover:

-How to hear the voice of your Soul
-How to heal and make changes in a positive direction
-Questions to ask yourself when making key decisions
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Ep #39: Detox and Cleanse the Ayurveda Way

In Ayurveda we understand that toxins or Ama build up in the body and shows up as headaches, illness, fatigue, constipation, rashes and more. To rid our body of these toxins, a seasonal cleanse is a foundational part of Ayurveda. At the break between winter and spring and again between summer and fall a 7-10 day cleanse is vital to health.

What you will discover:

-How each dosha experiences weight and weight gain
-What is included in a Ayurvedic Cleanse
-Foods and actions to take now to decrease Ama
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Ep #38: Feeding a Family with Different Doshas

Feeding a family with multiple doshas doesn't have to be complicated. A few simple steps and everyone can be eating to balance their doshas. 

What you will discover:

-How to create flavorful meals for balance
-How to eat to the season
-How to adjust food choices to work for multiple doshas
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Ep #37: Change with Effort and Surrender

Abhyasa-constant practice, and Vairagya-non attachment and letting go, are two necessary parts of creating an Ayurvedic life. Change takes commitment to practice and an ability to let go of the things holding you back in your efforts.

What you will discover:

-How to create a steady, constant practice
-How to let go and create non-attachment
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Ep #36: Ghee-Nature's Magic

Ghee-or clarified butter-is a #1 must have in your kitchen as you begin down the Ayurveda path.
With benefits like improved digestion, strength, complexion, intelligence, memory, decreased cholesterol, protection from cancer and diabetes, ghee is a must add to a daily diet.

What you will discover:

-How ghee is able to heal at the deepest level
-Ways to integrate ghee easily into your cooking
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Ep #35: Depression and Ayurveda

Depression is a very real condition, and in Ayurveda we understand that there are 3 different ways depression manifests based on dosha. There are a variety of ways to treat depression based on the dosha or doshas that are out of balance.

What you will discover:

-The ways depression shows up based on doshas
-How to treat depression for each dosha
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Ep #34: Live your Purpose with Intention and Sankalpa

A life guided by intention and sankalpa takes us beyond goals or resolutions. Instead it honors the deeper meaning of our lives, and allows us to stay aligned with our highest Self on our journey to our goals.

What you will discover:

-Practical steps you can take to discover your Sankalpa
-How to take action from your Sankalpa 
-How to evaluate your progress.
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Ep #33: Sleep and the Gunas

The sun rises-are you awake, alert and ready to greet the day with energy and clarity of mind? Discover how the gunas control your sleep and how to bring them to a healthy level. 

What you will discover:

-The three gunas 
-How the gunas impact our ability to sleep well
-What steps to take to bring the gunas into a healthy balance for a restful nights sleep
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Ep #32: Exercise and Ayurveda

Exercise and ayurveda-do they mix? According to the ancient sages yes! But it is important to choose the right exercise, at the right intensity, at the right time to balance your dosha. Sometimes we need a bit of intensity, sometimes a restorative yoga class is what the doctor ordered.

What you will discover:

-How exercise can help you be balanced
-The right type of exercise for your dosha
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Ep #31: Bonus-The Magic of CCF Tea

Herbs are a foundational piece of Ayurvedic living, but sometimes we don't know how to use them in our daily cooking. One great way is through tea, and a classic Ayurvedic tea that balances all three doshas is CCF tea (Cumin, Coriander, Fennel).

What you will discover:

-The medical benefits of CCF Tea
-How easy it is to add herbs into you life
-The recipe for CCF Tea
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Ep #30: What to Eat-Ayurvedic Diet 101

Eating an Ayurveda diet doesn't have to be complicated, but it sure feels that way at first! Following basic guidelines we can decide what to eat to get balanced and stay balanced without ever worrying about macros or calories. By focusing on the tastes and the qualities of the food, the season and our bodies we can eat Ayurvedically without a lot of fuss.

What you will discover:

-The 6 Tastes of Food
-How to choose foods for your dosha
-Simply ways to simply planning meals
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Ep #29: Drama is a Choice

We can overcome the drama. We can tap into our spiritual self. We can realize our true potential and get the results of peace, happiness, joy and ultimately enlightenment. And it all starts with changing the record, replacing the drama with peace and asking ourselves the big questions to uncover our emotions and thoughts.

What you will discover:

-How drama causes physical disease
-How to choose NO drama
-The process of thoughts that create drama
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Ep #28: Full Moon Rituals for Women

Ancient rituals surrounding the full moon will help to balance your shakti-the feminine energy. Traditionally the full moon was a time to celebrate our feminine energy, to draw close to our loved ones, eat nourishing foods, and draw in more cooling lunar energy from the moon.

What you will discover:

-Simple healing rituals to use during the full moon
-How to listen to your intuition 
-Connect with your feminine energy
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Ep #27:   7 Signs to Measure Your Health

As we progress down the Ayurvedic path, we might not know if we are making progress and can get discouraged and want to give up or quit the new habits we are developing. To keep us on track, there are 7 indicators of health we can check in on weekly to know if heading in the right direction.

What you will discover:

-Learn the 7 signs to measure your health
-How to check in with your progress
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Ep #26: Using Mantra to Heal the Body

Mantras are ancient, primordial sound vibrations that create a lasting change in the body and mind through their vibrational energy. You might feel funny when you start chanting out loud, but it really can bring healing and energy to your mind and body.

What you will discover:

-How to use mantra 
-OM and several simple mantras to use right away
-The healing power of mantra
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Ep #25: Life in Crisis. Ayurveda or Divorce. 

Relationships are a constant balancing act of competing desires and when doshas collide fireworks can happen. This past week has been one of revelation and discovery-join me as I get real and talk about how applying Ayurvedic principles saved my marriage from divorce and how to use Ayurveda to move through the trials and struggles in life with ease and balance.

What you will discover:

-The principles of Ayurveda impact relationships
-How a change of view can heal your marriage
-The healing power of Ayurveda
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Ep #24: Truly Live Ayurveda with the Yoga Sutras

Ayurveda and Yoga are like two sides of a coin. With both claiming roots in ancient India, we learn that Ayurveda can give us holistic physical, mental and emotional health providing the ability to seek enlightenment through a yogic life. In this episode we focus on the royal path of Raja Yoga and Patanjali's 195 sutras or lessons.

What you will discover:

-The connection between Ayurveda and Yoga
-What the yoga sutras are and how to start living them
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Ep #23: The 4 Goals of Life and 
Learning to Let Go

We all come to this earth wanting four basic things:
Kama: Physical and emotional Pleasure,
Artha: Monetary Comforts,
Dharma: Purpose
Moksha: Enlightenment.
In Ayurveda we call these 4 goals Purushartha.

What you will discover:

-How the 4 goals of life inspire our actions
-How to separate intentions from expectation and let go
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Ep #22: The 6 Tastes for perfect digestion...and delicious meals

Creating a healing menu can be as simple as including the 6 tastes of foods- sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent.

What you will discover:
-How much of each taste to include in your meals
-How to use the 6 tastes to heal imbalances
-Easy tips to include the tastes in each meal
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Ep #21: Heal Body, Mind and Soul by understanding the Koshas

We are more than just our physical bodies, and more than just our minds. In fact, in Ayurvedic and yoga philosophy we learn about the 5 koshas or sheath's that make up our body, mind and soul.

What you will discover:
-The 5 Koshas
-How to unite the koshers 
-Diet, awareness, breath work, yoga, mantra to heal
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Ep #20: Balance Your Digestive Fire-All About Agni

Agni is the Ayurvedic term for fire, digestion and metabolism. And inside of healthy agni lies the secret to digestive health. On a physical level, digestion is the single most important determinant of good health. Why? Because the quality of your digestion is directly related to the ability of your body to build quality, healthy tissue.

What you will discover:
-The 4 types of Agni
-Remedies to heal and create strong Agni
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Ep #19: The Ayurvedic Clock-plan your day for maximum energy and health

Every day you are given the gift of 24 hours to create, find wellness, health and happiness.The doshas are dominant at different times of the day. By matching our activities to the doshic times of day we will have increased energy, decreased cravings for processed artificial foods, and greater health.

What you will discover:
-When to wake, eat and activities to do during the day
-How to find your greatest energy and health by the clock
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Ep #18: Seasonal Changes and the Doshas-how to move into fall with balance

In Ayurveda the three doshas govern the seasons. Kapha-late winter to Spring, Pitta- Summer, Vata-fall to early winter.

What you will discover:
-Overview of seasons by dosha
-How to move from summer into fall
-Vata season tips for health
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Ep #17: Find Perfect Health Through Ayurveda

What does it truly mean to be healthy? Is it simply the absence of disease? In Ayurveda perfect health, or svastha, is a physical, spiritual, mental, social, and emotional balance. But how can we achieve this and is it really possible to have 'perfect health'? 

What you will discover:
-Svastha-perfect health
-How each dosha can achieve perfect health
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Ep #16: Ayurvedic Sleep Hygiene for a Good Night's Rest

Have you been chasing that elusive nights rest? Does it often feel like you can never catch up? And are electronics hijacking your evening and making it difficult to fall asleep? Ayurvedic principles regarding sleep are based in science as well as just plain make sense. 

What you will discover:
-Tips for a good night sleep
-What doshas are impacting your sleep 
-Habits that are creating sleep disorders
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Ep #15: Sneak Peak into my Ayurvedic Day

This episode answers two questions I am asked a lot.
1. What tools or supplies are needed to live Ayurveda?
2. What are your daily routines and what do you eat on a normal day? In this episode I will share with you my favorite kitchen tools, as well as what I use in my daily routines of self-care.

What you will discover:
-My daily routine
-Foods I eat on a daily basis 
-Tools or supplies I use daily
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Ep #14: Ayurvedic Tools to Calm Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem in today's society. With so much movement, electronic stimulus, busyness and pressure, it's not surprise most people suffer from anxiety. But good news-you can heal anxiety with Ayurveda. Listen for practical tools to heal anxiety from an Ayurvedic perspective.

What you will discover:
-Herbs and breath practices to help reduce anxiety
-The causes of anxiety from an Ayurvedic viewpoint
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Ep #13: Fix Your Digestion: It's How you Eat Not What You Eat. 

Did you know eating a kale salad can actually be unhealthy for your digestion, but a hamburger could be healthy?
It's more about HOW you eat than WHAT you eat. Using the guidelines for healthy eating, see how simple it can be to heal your digestion with a few small tweaks to your eating routines--without even changing the menu.

What you will discover:
-The Guidelines for Healthy Eating
-Simple habits to create better digestion
-What to focus on when eating to heal your body fast
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Ep #12: The Cause of Disease and How to Heal Yourself

Forgetting your true nature of spirit is the primordial cause of disease. We discover our own divine healer when we reconnect with our consciousness and let go of attachments to the physical ego. 

What you will discover:

-The primordial cause of disease
-How to reconnect with our divine healer
-The steps to create lasting healing
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Ep #11: Prana, Tejas, Ojas-How Thoughts Create Reality

Prana, Tejas and Ojas represent the doshas on a subtle level and function at the level of thought. By balancing our subtle doshas we can experience joy and enthusiasm for life, discernment and clarity, and strength and immunity. 

What you will discover:

-How your thoughts determine your feelings 
-How the subtle doshas interact on a mental level
-How the subtle doshas match up with physical doshas
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Ep #10: Change Your Life by Waking Early

Sleeping with the rhythm of nature, rising with the sun balances our energies and keeps up in harmony with nature. In Ayurveda the morning is an auspicious time that allows us to tap into our divine healer. In this episode learn how to change your life by waking with nature. 

What you will discover:

-The energy of sunrise and how it energizes your entire day
-Brahma Muhurta-the magical time before sunrise
-How to create a morning ritual to power your day
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Ep #9: Habits to Eliminate Constipation and Have Healthy Poop

Digestion is the key to health, and constipation is a sign of imbalance in the doshas. To create true health, we must have regular, smooth elimination on a daily basis. In this episode you will learn 6 habits to eliminate constipation and make you regular again. 

What you will discover:

-The Ayurvedic view on elimination. 
-Daily actions you can take to ease constipation and relieve discomfort. 
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Ep #8: Can you Lose Weight with Ayurveda?

The goal of Ayurveda is perfect health. For some this might include weight loss, but not necessarily. As you will learn in this episode 'it depends'. Ayurveda focuses on holistic health, but as the obesity epidemic rises, Ayurveda might be a solution to this growing problem.  

What you will discover:

-The Ayurvedic view on weight loss by dosha
-Tastes to eat to help your dosha imbalances
-Quick detox tips good for all doshas
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Ep #7: The Top 7 Benefits of Living Ayurveda

Why is Ayurveda spreading through the west like wildfire? Because we are all ready for true lasting healing and we know that doesn’t come in a pill. Ayurveda brings lasting healing and I am so excited to share with you the top 7 benefits of living an Ayurvedic life. Join me as I share why your life will never be the same once you embark on this journey. 

What you will discover:

-Daily habits you can integrate NOW 
-Why your poop is so important
-Why sleep is one of the pillars of Ayurveda

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Ep #6: How Circadian Rhythms Heal Your Life

Living according to nature is a powerful tool to de-stress the body and mind and bring healing and health. Our bodies are wired chemically to sleep when the sun goes down. But we over-ride this because of modern inventions like the lightbulb and electronic devices. Learn what Ayurveda has to say about the times of day and what activities will support our doshas during those times. 

What you will discover:

-How to structure your morning for more energy
-Simple steps to increase the quality of your sleep
-How to spend your day to maximize productivity
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Ep #5: It's Kapha Time! All About Kapha Dosha. 

Kapha dosha is the glue that holds us all together. Comprised of earth and water, it gives us structure, compassion, empathy, and sometimes can also get us stuck in a rut. 

What you will discover:

-Learn more about Kapha dosha
-See how Kapha effects your behavior and life
-Discover if you are imbalanced in this dosha
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Ep #4: Pitta is on Fire! All about Pitta Dosha

In this episode we dive into Pitta dosha, made up of the elements fire and water but mostly fire. This is the HOT dosha and once you listen you will see why a Pitta can be a great leader but will burn out if they aren't careful.

To get a better understanding of PItta and learn how to strengthen and balance the fire within, join me on this episode. 

What you will discover:

-Learn more about Pitta dosha
-See if you have a lot of fire in your doshic balance
-How to cool off and chill out to avoid burnout
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Ep #3: Did you say Dosha? All about Vata Dosha. 

All living things are made up of three doshas or constitutions. Knowing our constitutions helps us to identify personality traits, make better lifestyle choices, and live healthier, more peaceful lives. 

In this episode we discuss the vata dosha made up of the elements air and ether. 

What you will discover:

-What exactly is Vata dosha
-Why Vata is the king of the doshas
-How to calm your Vata to balance your body
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Ep #2: What is your Constitution or Dosha?

Dosha is a Sanskrit term for constitution or mind-body type. In Western terms it is similar to a body type. There are three doshas-Vata, Pitta, Kapha.
There are also two categories of doshas: 
Prakruti -your original constitution 
Vikruti-your current imbalances

What you will discover:

-Why you don't need to worry about Prakruti
-Knowing your Vikruti can lead to perfect health
-The ultimate goal of Ayurveda
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Ep #1: 5,000 Years of Healing. What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a medical science 5,000 years in the making. Stemming from ancient India, Ayurveda offers a level of healing unmatched in Western methodology. Ayurveda focuses on matching your bodies rhythms with the rhythms of nature to lead us naturally to greater health. 

What you will discover:

-The history of Ayurveda
-What is a Dosha
-How listening to nature will improve your health
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Heather Johnson

Over the past 10 years Heather has dedicated her life to yoga and Ayurveda. She has delivered Ayurveda Workshops across the United States and founded The Ayurveda Life School that helps students to learn and apply the ancient health practices of Ayurveda.  

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